T. DeWitt Taylor Middle-High School

Academy of Environmental Science & Services 2011-2012

Academy Director: Kyle Hearn

Academy Facilitator: Mary Gerlach

Academy Teachers / Courses:

9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade
Kyle Hearn

Academy Agricultural Biotechnology 2
Academy EnvironmentalResources 3
Academy EnvironmentalResources 4
Jim Oliver
Academy Biology

Academy Environmental Science(AP or Honors)
Sondra McCulloch
Academy Biology

AP Biology
AP Biology
Lane Woodward
Academy AgriscienceFoundations I

Bobby Dubberly

Academy OutdoorEducation

Mary Gerlach
English I

Bill Rode
English I Honors

*Please upload your supporting documents in the column below for each standard.



Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum

Standard 2: Career Focus
Academy members who are also members of the school's environmental club, "Paws for a Good Cause" celebrated earth day by doing a beach clean-up.

T. DeWitt Taylor Middle High Science Fair and Academy member winners.
BJ Snopestad, Jay Smith, Colt Sievert, Kathryn Hearn, London Francis, Brendan Register, Soren Ervik, Savanna Register, Kelly Wilson, Mary Dreggors, Amber Dees, JT Hearn, Chad Haas, Taylor Anderson, Taylor Coombs, Shelby York, Mikey Kopka, Kirby Hunter and Dexter Rodriguez.
Standard 3: Program of Study

Standard 4: Advisory Committee

Advisory Board members and FFA Alumni host a "Christmas Barn Dance."
Standard 5: Enrollment
District CTE will pull a majority of the necessary data.
Standard 6: Pure Schedule

Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration

Standard 8: Staff Development
District CTE will pull a majority of the necessary data.

Standard 9: Articulation
In addition to the District and Taylor Showcases, we had our 8th grade students attend an 8th grade registration night on March 6th. It was a time when the students could ask questions and get registered for classes for next school year.

"PAST AND PRESENT" - Former academy students act as mentors and enjoy the opporunity to see old friends.

Standard 10: Workbased Learning

Standard 11: Capstone Project
Standard 12: Marketing

Academy students manned an informational table at our annual Open House.

Academy members win honors at National FFA Convention.

2012 Final Evaluation: